Time-Saving Shortcuts for Busy Women

by Karen Keller, Ph.D.

Saving time.

There’s just not enough time in the day. Between business and the business of living, we run with full schedules, seven days a week. But would be do any better with 25 hours in a day? I think not. Today, I want you to make your own action task out of the time-saving tips below. How will you make more room for the things that matter by spending less time on things that could be done more efficiently?

Here are six time-saving tips that anyone can use to give your days a little “sigh” when you need it most:

Day to Night:
Need to make it to an evening event on a tight schedule? Plan your wardrobe
accordingly. A staple of solid items like smart pants and skirts make it a
breeze. Throw a snazzy pair of shoes, a necklace and dressy earrings into a bag
and change on the go. No need to run home. A little survival kit filled with
deodorant, hair products and your favorite makeup in the trunk of your car
should do fine.

No Left Turns:
Plan your daily errands in a clockwise fashion. That means no left hand turns
to slow you down at pesky stoplights. Naturally, heed all the traffic rules,
but right hand turns are always easier than those left hand ones that keep up

Hands Free: Ditch the headset and get a hands free system installed in your car. Not only can you pay better attention to the road and answer calls with the touch of a button, you’ll find it’s easier to talk and get to where you need to go than if you’re
fumbling with a phone.

Take the Chill Off:
When you bring meat home from the grocery, store it in small, freezable bags.
That way, you’re never stuck with microwaving your meat to thaw in a crunch.
Simply drop a small freezer bag of chicken breasts or other meat into a bowl of
cold water and let thaw for 2 hours. Easy (and fast).

Ditch Distractions:
How many windows are open on your computer’s desktop? I’ve started the practice
of closing out everything I’m not working on and making a list of things to go
back to when I’m done with a task. No distractions, more focus. And I’m getting
a lot more done these days in less time!

Work and Meetings:
It’s great to mingle during your workday. Not only do you get to know new
people, but you get out of the house or office. Schedule your mingle meetings
in locations where you can work. Arrive an hour early and go nose-down and
you’ll not only kill two birds with one stone, you’ll welcome the break that
comes when your appointment arrives.

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