Three Things to Do with Your Pants in the New Year

by Karen Keller, Ph.D.

Business pants

Are your current pant making the grade?

Pants? YES! Pants! The new year snuck up on us and we’re left with no choice except to…deal. It’s definitely time to deal with the new year, especially since it’s January 4 and all.

Today we’re going to talk about pants.

We all wear them. They come in quite a few different colors when you consider it. Men’s, Women’s (please, no unisex pants), regular waist, low-waist, boot cut or straight leg. The pants available to us as consumers are endless in supply and abundant in style choices.

So why do you keep wearing the same ones?

Your business, when you think about it, probably needs some attention. We never leave the house without our pants on, so why are you letting your business fly by the seat of its pants when there are things that need paying attention to?

Today, let’s chat about three things you can do with your pants for the new year:

Kick ‘em in the seat: You heard me. A swift, motivational kick is never a bad idea. What can YOU do to motivate yourself to make this your best business year ever? It’s possible that a kick in the seat of your pants is just what you need to make the year soar from the get-go.

Do some tailoring: Do you need to let the waist out? Had your business grown? If so, you might need to make room for all the new wonderful things your business provides. Stop trying to squeeze into the same pair! And the same goes for downsizing and streamlining. Nothing wrong with taking in a bit at the waist, either.

Try a new style: Trends change. So do service offerings and operational efficiencies. Maybe it’s time to find a new pair of pants that reflects the body of your business inside. Rebrand, update your website, design new business cards. Make sure you’re always showing off your best assets!

Your action task for today is to get your wardrobe in order and FIND YOUR PANTS! We never leave the house without them, so the time’s come to put your business (in all the senses) in the best possible vehicle for the new year.

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Kathy Smith January 4, 2011 at 7:38 PM

Hi Karen,

I wholeheartedly agree! And I have not only cleaned out my closest (literally, I did just after New Year’s) and have made sure I am only wearing the pants I really want to but I have also made a commitment to do only the work I really want to. No more wearing the comfort pants in my business that don’t expand my horizons or keep me in touch with what I’m passionate about. I have already given myself a huge motivational kick and it’s already paying off – like a New Year’s resolution, I’m determined to keep kicking myself long after January – and I got my new pants on to prove it! :) Love your post!


Karen Keller, Ph.D. January 6, 2011 at 11:16 AM

Great this was helpful and fun at the same time! I like comparing this to work – work and pants go hand in hand – both should you to a tee!!


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