Thousands of Women Have This Priceless Gift – Do You?

by Karen Keller, Ph.D.

They aren’t MEN! Women constantly are thinking they either have to wear the pants in the family to be heard, or wear wing-tipped shoes at the office to lead. It all comes down to trying to be a man in a ‘man’s world’ to be effective and accepted. False.

The priceless gift we have is we are WOMEN! And along with that comes a multitude of beyond priceless gifts – ones we hide, push aside or devalue because women buy into the ideology of ‘in order to succeed in business we have to behave, think, and feel like men.’ Heck, they’ve even written books on how to think like a man.

What is special about being a woman? Here are MY top 5 reasons I cherish this priceless gift:

  1. I get to have babies! Now, some of you are saying UGH … sure, giving birth was a pain in the rear, literally. But, I have the pleasure of being connected to my daughters like no one else.
  2. I use both lobes of my brain at once. Seriously, men use only one lobe at a time, hence, that’s where we hear the all or nothing thinking. Whereas, women are working on their next business proposal, baking, helping with homework, sewing the Halloween custom and talking with other women about world peace and community – all at the SAME time! Useful info – men and women both have the same number of brain cells!
  3. I value my bonding and collaborating nature to effect change. I firmly believe this is what creates sustainability in everything I do.
  4. I get to wear COLOR – and lots of them in all kinds of funky ways! Women’s clothes can be fun, flashy and stylish – anything we want.
  5. I have my husband’s undying gratitude for being me – his loving partner!

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