Discover Real Power for Women: Your Inner Wow

by Karen Keller, Ph.D.

Real power for women - what's the key?

Real power for women - what's the key?

Where is it each and every day that we find our real power? For women, it can come from our families and friends, careers and spouses. A kickboxing class or simply doing that “thing” we didn’t think we could do (or never tried to accomplish). While there are plenty of books out there that will claim to give you a roadmap for tapping into real power, for women (and I should know) it rests in your ability to believe.

Today is one big action task – we’re going to go over three things that are at the root of real power for women and you’re going to decide which one is first on your list. And if you have any of your own to share, leave a comment – the fewer secrets there are about real power for women, the more accessible it is!

Believe in the power of “no.” If you spend all of your time saying yes, you have no time to invest in the yeses that will give you the power to achieve everything you want. Saying no isn’t rude. Sometimes it’s the most compassionate thing you can do – especially for yourself.

Believe in people. No woman is an island and we need our connections. But connections go beyond business cards. It takes time to develop relationships and some of the best ones in our lives are based on what we can do for others, not what they can do for us.

Believe in tomorrow. Whatever day you had today, real power comes from knowing we never have to make the same mistakes ever again and that we can replicate success. In our darkest hours, there is hope – that’s why we have sunrises and sunsets. Even the universe needs to start fresh every day!

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