Women and Business – What’s Influence Got To Do With It?

by Karen Keller, Ph.D.

Women’s future is at risk. The rules of business and influence are different for women. They’re unwritten. To succeed women need to understand the ‘unwritten rules.’

Unwritten Rule No. 1There is gain without pain. Who says we have to work harder each year we are climbing the ladder? Women are practicing the art of worker smarter not harder. The quickest, easiest path to your destination isn’t always a straight line.

Know your peak efficiency. Do your work at this time and this time only! Don’t forget about play. Play is meant for laughing, being goofy, and sharing yourself without hesitation.  Remember reflection – let your thoughts and wonderment pave the way.

Know what and where your resources are. Women have way more resources than they realize. Go find them. Develop them. Influence them.

Call to ActionAction Item: Give yourself at least an hour a day of “me” time. Read a book, talk a walk, go to the gym. Write a chapter of that novel you’ve been putting off. Whatever your fancy!

Unwritten Rule No. 2Opposites don’t always attract. The world needs variety.  Variety in personality, ideas, experiences and talent. I get that. What we need is similarity in attitude, motivation and passion. That’s what gets the work done.

When opposites are together too long at work the sparks may fly and not necessarily in the right direction. I know the talk about opposites and creativity but let’s be honest – I’m not sure I’d want to work with myself all day long.

Call to ActionAction Item: It’s good to have people in your inner-circle that complement you, but also make sure to be around like-minded individuals or create a social network (either online or in-person) of individuals with similar interests. This will lead to interesting business ventures, partnerships, collaborations and more. A great professional resource is http://www.LinkedIn.com

Unwritten Rule No. 3It isn’t the ‘thrill of the chase’ that makes us do it. We do it for ourselves – and why not?

Yes, family, boss, community and the world do matter, seriously – it’s perfectly fine, even great, that we do it for us. I know too many women who secretly tell me how guilty they feel when the reach success – what? That’s right the written rule is that women are supposed to be self-less, endlessly selfless in pursuing their dreams and winning. Not true, women need to be their own best cheerleader! The kids will just have to wait.

Call to ActionAction Item: Make time to do something that is professionally or academically rewarding. Take an online class. Sign up and read an industry publication. Attend an industry event. Cultivate those professional skills that can help you achieve success.

Unwritten Rule No. 4Looks do matter. Okay don’t get your panties in a twist. Whether we like it or not looks do matter. How many women want to date the unshaven, beer belly guy sitting at the bar munching on peanuts, which by the way he throws on the floor? Not I and neither should you.

Every woman has the ability to look her best and get noticed. Accent your best attributes. Let down your flowing soft hair- figuratively or maybe literally speaking! Looking your best helps you be your best.

Call to ActionAction Item: You’ll be surprise what a day at the salon can do for a gal’s spirits. You feel better inside and out. Next time you get your hair cut or colored, spend a little time on a manicure or pedicure.

Unwritten Rule No. 5Women still do everything backwards and in heels, right Ginger? No matter what anyone tells you, women will always be expected to do ‘it’ more, better and longer. What’s the answer?  See Unwritten Rule No. 1.

Call to ActionAction Item: Communication is key here. If you have a partner, let them know that sometimes you need a break. Relationships are give and take but only work with both parties involved participate actively. It should never be one-sided.

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