The Best Leadership Articles on the Web for Executive Women

by Karen Keller, Ph.D.

leadership articles

The best leadership articles on the web inside!

OK, It’s true – I’ve been on a reading kick! In the past few weeks, I’ve shared two “best blogs” posts (Best Blogs for Women and Three Blogs Women in Business Should Be Reading). Today, I wanted to answer a question I got late last week:

Where do I turn for business news as it relates to executive women? I’m sharing my list of sources for leadership articles with you today so that you not only have a solid list of great bloggers to add to your RSS feed, but the latest news from national sources.

Forbes Woman – My #1 go-to for the best leadership articles. They’re always tapping knowledge from leading executive women and cover topics ranging from (yes) executive style to prepping yourself for a new career. Profiles of successful women in business along with news on current workforce trends affecting women keep this news source at the top of my list month after month.

Enterprising Women – They just cropped-up on Facebook and this publication is a great resource for the female entrepreneur. Always a great source for leadership articles and I love how they consistently feature women who are DOING in today’s business community! (They are also on Twitter, too!)

WE Magazine for Women – Always a source for fresh content through their consistently updated blog, this publication targets women and understands why our community needs leadership articles that address the unique qualities of our businesses and passions.

BizJournals BizWomen Feed – You probably have a BizJournal in your town. Their online portal features a dedicated feed on stories about executive women and great leadership articles for women in business. Worth a bookmark, but note that some of the content does require a subscription to access.

Do you have any great resources for leadership articles in your cache? Share them in the comments section with me. And here’s your action task for today: try to read one new article each week! A great idea if you’re stuck for content or need an extra brain-stimulating boost…

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