The Best Blogs for Women: A New List of Recommended Reading

by Karen Keller, Ph.D.

best blogs for women

The best blogs for women - get your fill!

Where do you go to find the best blogs for women? My blog! I spend so much time reading that I started sharing with you some of my favorite reads on the web last week and this week will be no different. Now, the best blogs for women don’t necessarily have to be written by women – and TWO this week are not. They just have to offer savvy businesswomen resources, tips, tricks and strategies for moving their lives and businesses forward on a regular basis and in a great voice. I hope you enjoy this week’s list and remember: the best blogs for women are the ones you love reading!

Social Mouths – This online marketing powerhouse is headed up by Francisco Rosales. The content here includes everything from great reads in the social media and online marketing realm to business strategy, news and interviews. I’ve added it to my reader because at least once a week, I find something irresistible that I can’t wait to share with my community.

Dave Peck – This powerful, regularly updated blog by Dave Peck gives Dave’s insights into current strategies used by major brands and the general social media and business landscape. He’s also the master of the “open letter” format, reaching our to brands from a consumer and marketer standpoint. He also keeps a tech-savvy Tricks and Tips section and his site navigation is one of the easiest to use that I’ve ever come across.

MamavationLeah Segedie is a one-woman force to be reckoned with. Through Mamavation, she’s built a highly influential web property for women in business (who happen to be moms!) but it doesn’t stop with moms. She’s an inspirational and motivational voice featured in the likes of Woman’s Day, Ladies Home Journal and The Huffington Post. If she’s not in your reader, that’s easy to fix with a simple click!

Now – I’ll ask you like I did last week: what’s in your reader? In the comments below, post a link to the best blog post you’ve read in the past month and share it. That way, our community here has a list of one-click resources for great reads!

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