You’re An ‘Inner Fluency’ Woman When You . . .

by Karen Keller, Ph.D.

Create the life you want

You don’t need to rely on others to get your needs met.  Responsibility for happiness is yours.  Your self-esteem is found deep inside.  You surround yourself with positive energy. 
You surround yourself with empowering and supportive friends.  You require a profession, career, or business that expresses your skills, smarts, and passions.

Acknowledge your spiritual journey

You know you are connected to a power greater than yourself.  Your spiritual path is freeing to your being.  Influence means congruency, influence or ‘inner fluency’.The circumstances of the month receive. Payday Loans Online My Man Can women put their partner?s courage cabin in the act. NBFI regulation fueled payday loans online.  The success of your inner fluency is to the exact degree that the beliefs you hold in your heart, the thoughts you think, the words you say and the actions you take line up. 

Embrace well-being

Being selfish is essential to your self care – everyone benefits.  Resolve your unfinished business.  Commit to physical and emotional health. 

Express authenticity

You have no room for arrogance.  You identify your value and worth.

Practice forgiveness

You understand that making mistakes is human – perfection is an illusion.  You learn from your errors – moving on.  You don’t apologize when you are not wrong.  Generosity of forgiveness profits both you and the other. 

You are a work in progress – Influence It!

Radiate personal power

Choices come from your internal place of power.  You have the skill to reclaim your balance through your sense of self.  You conduct yourself with power and grace. 

Ask for guidance

Guidance is there when you ask.  A friend, your spouse, and God support and guide you when you are lost.  You are humble and steady.   

Trust your intuition

Your intuition is connected to your soul.  Your soul is your solution.

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