Comfort Zone Relocation

by Karen Keller, Ph.D.

What is it that propels women into zones of great accomplishment from zones of pleasant safe comfort? I call it – comfort zone relocation!

Lisa Weber, 46, the daughter of a New Jersey taxi driver who was president of Individual Business for MetLife Inc., one of the world’s largest providers of insurance and financial services – a hulking enterprise with $19 billion in revenues and some $1.5 billion in operating profits – has definitely set the bar for moving out of her comfort zone.

Weber hesitated in 1998, fearful she had no sales background, when asked by Rob Henrickson, MetLife’s CEO, to take a role in operations. She could have stayed in a position that required little risk, no need for competition, and few reasons for assertion.

Did that stop her? No. Weber realized the promotion wasn’t about sales, but leadership. Not just any leadership – her leadership. Leadership that places you in the executive boardroom.

Moving out of her comfort zone she learned to depend on people to assist and guide her – which is the essence of leadership. Ms. Weber shapes the objective and stirs the ambition of everyone around her.

Thursday, January 21, 2010. Ms. Weber resigned. 6 months earlier her position had been eliminated under a company restructuring. She had the choice to stay.

What do we know for sure about Lisa Weber? She is still a natural leader and talent for mastering business. She continues to think differently, beyond her comfort zone, and act on those thoughts.

Weber trusts what she knows and knows what she can trust. She has the fortitude, the business acumen, and the relationship ‘smarts’ to be a great leader. She tells the truth in a tough world.

You see, Lisa Weber knows there is more to be done.

How do YOU know when there is more to be done?

By assessing your comfort zone. Is it too comfortable? Are your goals becoming blurry? Is the zest for life gone? What desires keep you awake at night? And the big one – what will you regret?

Women are acknowledging their hunger for pushing beyond the boundaries set for them by society – and by themselves. Why? What could possibly be on the other side?

Here’s what waits for you; new experiences, a deeper sense of you, abundance, solutions, growth and that great adrenaline rush on your way to victory! Don’t wait another minute – the corner office is waiting!

Me? I’ll keep my eye on Lisa Weber.

My next post will illustrate HOW to break free from comfort zone hell!
What’s happening in your comfort zone? I’d like to know.

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Keriann January 27, 2010 at 8:43 PM

I agree, we set a comfort zone for ourselves and play it safe. If we feel uncomfortable or uneasy undertaking a new task we shrink back into our comfort zone.

Its only when you’re able to extend our boundaries to go where we’ve never gone before that we can then see what we are truly made of.

It’s similar to the saying “a mind once expanded never goes back to it’s original size”(or something along those lines) we need to challenge and extend ourselves day by day in order to truly live our life to the fullest, we may be amazing at what you can achieve and accomplish.


Karen Keller February 8, 2010 at 12:09 PM

Thank you for your wonderful comments on the ‘Comfort Zone” posts. Your insights are valuable. Always great to hear your thoughts!


Karen Keller February 23, 2010 at 4:52 PM

Keriann – I love the saying, “A mind once expanded never goes back to it’s original size” It’s comparable to “Once you see a pink elephant in the closet you cant’ forget it’s there!” Extending boundaries is where it’s at – an knowing that we are the only ones who can cross them. Thanks for the feedback and sharing!


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